It is my pleasure to open applications for Pro Tour Thunder Junction!

Please make sure you read the application carefully and fill out all of the information to the best of your ability.

Applications close February 26th at 5 pm Central US Time. Acceptances will go out March 6th.

If you have any questions about the event please EMAIL US at

Hope to see you at the event!
~Meg Baum, Staffing Manager

Event Information

Show Location
Seattle Convention Center | Arch Building
705 Pike St
Seattle, WA 98101

Show Dates
Friday, April 26th
Saturday, April 27th
Sunday, April 28th

Pro Tour Thunder Junction


  • Head Judge 
    The Head Judge for this event is Abe Corson.
  • Appeal Judge
  • Scorekeeper
  • Floor Judge

Travel Assistance

All staff members of the Pro Tour will be provided a flight to the event.

  • Flights in will, by default, land the day before your first shift and fly out on Monday. When you fill out the flight information form, note in the “Flight Dates” section if you want to fly in on a day that is NOT the day before your first shift or on Monday. Fulfilling special requests are NOT guaranteed and at the full discretion of Sitelines.
  • A travel agent will contact staff in the 3-4 weeks after acceptances with a proposed itinerary for your flight.
All staff members for this event will be provided a hotel room for this event. 

All staff for this event will be provided a hotel room at the Sheraton Grand Seattle from Thursday April 25th till Monday April 29th. If you choose to fly in or fly out before or after these dates you will be responsible for your own accommodations. Staff members will have a room to themselves with no roommate. 

Hotel Address:
Sheraton Grand Seattle
1400 6th Avenue, Seattle, Washington, USA, 98101

There is no need to apply for this travel assistance; it is included as part of the compensation package for Pro Tour Thunder Junction.
Role Expectations

All Staff 

All staff for the Pro Tour are expected to maintain a professional manner and appearance at all times. 

There is more need of staff earlier in the weekend; as the tournament narrows progressively towards the end, the judge staff will need to shrink accordingly. We will have more floor judges Friday than Saturday, and, subsequently significantly more Saturday than Sunday. 

A basic expectation of anyone on the floor of the PT is high-level knowledge of Rules, Policy, and MTG tournament mechanics.

Head Judge

The Head Judge for the Pro Tour needs significant experience running large tournaments with coverage as a priority. This judge must be held in high esteem by judges and players and would benefit from an international profile. Language skills are a plus, but can be supplemented by the Appeals Judges. Pro Tour Head Judges are expected to do both pre-event and post-event work on their tournament. 

    • This position is not for open application. This information is here for transparency. This is a position that will be offered to a qualified judge at the discretion of Pastimes and Wizards of the Coast. 

Appeals Judge 

Appeals Judges for the Pro Tour need extensive experience at major events featuring coverage as part of the staff. They must also have significant head judge experience taking appeals and conducting investigations. Appeals judges are chosen before other event applications with the purpose of providing feedback on Pro Tour applications for Floor Judge and Team Leads. 

    • To be considered for an Appeals Judge position, a judge should have Head Judged at least three (3) major tournaments in the last 3 years. (A major tournament is a tournament of 300+ players with a judge team structure and a minimum of 16 judges assigned to the main event.)

    • Appeals Judges are selected as part of a team, and must have the right fit with the Head Judge and other Appeals Judges of the event.

    • Ideally the Appeals Judges would have fluent language skills in most major languages among the judges who can take appeals.


Expert-level knowledge in Melee as well as an understanding of Coverage needs are a priority for this position. The focus will be on troubleshooting and being comfortable fielding and completing Coverage requests. 

Floor Judges 

Floor Judges should be experienced with the operations of major events. Experience with Coverage at events is a positive, but not required for all staff. Language skills will be prioritized, and this may prioritize less experienced judges to create a complete team. 

Shift Lengths

11 hours

Minimum 2 hours for breaks scheduled to logistically fit the team you are working on.


Staff must have internet access and commit to regularly reading our staff Discord. We use our Discord as our primary method of communication.

Pastimes Convention Discord

Dress Code

There are many eyes on the Pro Tour, and we expect a professional appearance as well as performance.

Pastimes will provide you with a staff shirt for this event.
Comfortable and clean business casual bottoms that must be working/safety appropriate. Preferably black.
Comfortable, safe working shoes. Must be closed toed, close heel and a safe height. Preferably black but comfort is the priority. 

Contracts and Taxes

All staff for this event are brought on as independent contractors.

US Citizens
You are required to fill out an Independent Contracting Agreement and a W9.

All applicants, prior to being selected for this event, will be checked against the National Sex Offender Registry. If you have any questions about this, please contact Alan Hochman at

Non-US Citizens

Non-US staff for this event will be contracted through tournamentcenter.

After acceptances you’ll receive two DropboxSign Invitation Mails with a link to the contract and addendum for this event. There you’ll be able to read and sign them online. If you have any questions about this, please send them to

In order to generate these documents, we will ask you for the following information in the Acceptance Form:

  • Your name
  • Your PayPal email address
  • Your TIN (ID number, Insurance Number, National number, etc)
  • Your address

All staff must be legally able to work in the United States. All staff is responsible for their own taxes and legal obligations. You must complete paperwork 2 weeks before you begin any work at the event.


If you have any questions about this application, please do not hesitate to reach out and contact the Staffing Manager.

Meg Baum, Staffing Manager –