Playing Cards PAX Unplugged 2021

About Pastimes

Pastimes is one of the most recognized tournament organizers in the United States since opening in 1992. The first Magic events were held in 1994 at Pastimes retail location and hosted its first Magic: the Gathering Premier Event in 1998.

Working as a consultant and event organizer for most major tabletop and digital brands, the Pastimes team has hosted more than 400,000 event entries in events across the nation. Pastimes is constantly expanding its abilities to bring fun, memorable fan experiences to every event with a focus on highly trained, well compensated staff.

Pastimes Mission Statement

To design and provide innovative and interactive fan experiences, event solutions and experiential event and play programs.

Player Having Fun at Pastimes Events Playing Magic During PAX Unplugged 2021
Players Playing at PAX Unplugged 2021

Pastimes Vision Statement

Turning experiences into lasting memories.

Who Is Pastimes Events

Alan Hochman

Pastimes, Inc. Owner and President

Alan Hochman, Owner and President Pastimes, Inc
John Temple - Manager, Premiere Events

John Temple

Senior Manager, Events

Meg Baum

Manager, Staffing and Logistics

Meg Baum, Manager, Staffing and Logistics