Prizes, Prize Tixs, & the Prize Wall!

Prizes at Pastimes Events

At Pastimes Events we love offering great prizes for competing in the formats you enjoy! We are excited to bring the Prize Wall to all conventions where Pastimes is running Magic! Win Prize Tixs by playing in events and redeem them for items like booster packs, t-shirts, uncut sheets, and more.

PAX West Magic Prize Wall

What is the Prize Wall?

The Prize Wall at Pastimes Events is the place to spend your Prize Tixs earned from playing in our events!

Have you ever gone to an arcade, played some fun games and received tickets, then redeemed something cool for your tickets before you left? That is exactly what our Prize Wall is!

Play in events, win Prize Tixs!

Our Prize Wall features great Magic: The Gathering products as well as GamerMats and UltraPRO accessories!

What is a Prize Tix?

Prize Tixs are tickets given out during events that can later be redeemed on the Prize Wall for amazing items! All prize payouts will be listed in the description of the event you are playing. Examples of redeemable items include:

  • Draft, Set, & Collector Boosters
  • Bundles
  • Commander Preconstructed Decks
  • Deck Boxes & Sleeves
  • Playmats
  • Uncut Sheets
  • Oversized Cards

400 Prize Tixs can be redeemed for a Draft booster of the most recent Standard-legal set, with other items available at different redemption rates.

Playing Cards PAX Unplugged 2021

Prizes and Prize Tixs Cost List

All Prizes and Prize Tixs costs subject to change and allocation based on availability
at the sole discretion of Pastimes Events.
This list is not a guarantee that these items will be present at all shows.

Standard Legal Products
Draft Booster – 400 Prize Tixs
Set Booster – 500 Prize Tixs
Standard Set Jumpstart Booster – 400 Prize Tixs
Collector Booster – Starting at 1,600 Prize Tixs
Bundle – Starting at 6,000 Prize Tixs
Commander Precon – Starting at 6,000 Prize Tixs

Ancillary Set & Older Set Products
Dependent upon product availability and market pricing

Game Accessories
Spindown Die – 100 Prize Tixs
Non-Event Exclusive Playmat – Starting at 3,000 Prize Tixs
Event Exclusive Playmat – Starting at 4,500 Prize Tixs
Deckbox – Starting at 600 Prize Tixs
Sleeves – Starting at 1,000 Prize Tixs

Exclusive & Unique Items
Uncut Sheets – Starting at 45,000 Prize Tixs
Oversized Cards – Starting at 35,000 Prize Tixs