Deck Size


Number of Players


Game Duration

100 Minutes

Why Play This Format?

Assassin is a casual multiplayer format where the players are randomly assigned “targets” to defeat.

Player are free to attack whomever they want. However, victory is not determined solely by who the last player is, but also who manages to take out the most marks over the course of the game. Players score points for delivering the finishing blow to their assigned target as well as being the last survivor. Defeating another player grants you their mark immediately upon their death, and thus a new target to attack.

Play Rules/Modifiers



Each player is assigned a number based on their seat. Then is given a card a random with a number different that their seat number. That card is their “target.” If they are given the seat number they are in then collect all the cards and distribute them randomly again.



Defeating a mark grants you 2 point.

Being the last one alive grants you 1 point



  • If you defeat the player with your number, congratulations no one is specifically after you. To maintain secrecy you take hold of that mark, but cannot gain points from defeating yourself.


  • Dying to your own effects does not grant your mark to someone else. So be careful leaving someone to die to their own upkeep triggers.


  • Remember this is a casual format please don’t concede in response to dying.