Boss Monster

Deck Size


Number of Players


Game Duration

120 minutes

Why Play This Format?

Play against THE BOSS in this awesome Commander variant!

Boss Monster Commander is a Commander variant where players are battling against a powerful monster. On the Boss Monster’s turn, roll a six-sided die and the Boss Monster casts a powerful spell. BUT the Boss Monster is raging. In their rage they may cast spells beneficial to players or completely devastating. Will you defeat the Boss Monster or watch your cards be utterly destroyed? Test your mettle today!

Play Rules/Modifiers

How to Play

The Boss Monster is considered to be a player, has a life total of 30, and always goes last.

During the Boss Monster’s turn a player rolls a d6 and uses the result to determine which spell the Boss Monster casts from its spell list. Players continue to roll a number times equal to half of the turns taken by the Boss Monster rounded down.

Players can only attack the Boss Monster and block for the Boss Monster.

How To Win

For Casual Commander games, players win if they reduce the Boss Monster’s life total to zero.

For Challenging or Competitive Commander games, the first player to reduce the Boss Monster’s life total to zero wins. For ties, the winner is the player with the highest life total. If there is still a tie, the winner is the player with the most permanents. If a tie still persists, the tied players both win.

Boss Monster Spell List

1 | Resolve each effect in order as though you rolled a 2, 3, 4, & 5 then discard 3 cards and mill 3 cards.
2 | All permanents lose indestructible. Destroy all creatures and legendary permanents. They can’t be regenerated.
3 | The Boss Monster deals 5 damage to each other player and planeswalker.
4 | The Boss Monster gains 5 life.
5 | Until the beginning of the Boss Monster’s next turn, players cannot draw more than 1 card per turn.
6 | The Boss Monster casts two additional spells. Roll two additional times.