Boxing League

Deck Size


Number of Players


Game Duration


Why Play This Format?

Gather to Build a Sealed Commander Deck and have a bunch of players ready to battle it out as soon as your done for the entire weekend!

Play Rules/Modifiers

ODE Boxing League

Each player will receive a full box of the latest set to open and build a commander deck. Then can join the queue and be paired up with other players to battle it out throughout the event at their leisure.


Commander & Cocktails Boxing League

Commander & Cocktails functions similarly to the ODE Boxing League except instead of a full box, players receive a curated mix of boosters. Players can check in at the League Desk in the Ticketed Play Area at any point during the weekend to collect their card pool for both build and play. The scheduled event times are dedicated opportunities to play with a special guest in attendance.


While this is a Limited Format Decks should do the following:

Follow the Commander Banned & Restricted list –

Decks are 100 cards singleton. Meaning 99 unique cards not including basic lands + the commander(s).

Playtest cards are only allowed if they came from a sealed booster.