Brian David-Marshal

Brian David-Marshall, known widely by his initials as BDM, has been involved with Magic since the mid-nineties. He has organized tournaments as a founder of Gray Matter Conventions and reinvented the modern gaming store as tournament centers with the world famous Neutral Ground in New York City. Brian became a columnist for Wizards of the Coast and wrote multiple columns on and over the years. In the early 2000s he joined the Pro Tour coverage team writing text features but it was not long before he was working on camera where he invented video deck techs, took viewers behind the closed doors of Pro Tour playtest houses, doing live-from-the-floor reporting, and commentating Top 8 matches In 2005, when the Magic the Gathering Hall of Fame was inaugurated, BDM became the Pro Tour Historian (now, Emeritus) and presided over each induction ceremony through 2019 after retiring from coverage in 2018. He also hosted A Conversation with Richard Garfield at Magic 30 in Las Vegas this past year. In all the roles BDM had within Magic his favorite was always meeting new people coming to their first event and hearing their stories. If you see him, be sure to say hello.

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