Commander Events with Pastimes

To help create a more enjoyable experience for all of our Commander fans we highly encourage the use of these following best practices. We design our Commander events and experiences around them to help create fun and exciting Commander games!

Before Your Game Begins

Pregame Conversation

  • How many games do you want to play?
  • Tell me about your deck!
  • How does your deck win?
  • What turn does your deck usually win on?

Rule 0

  • Any special rules?
  • Is everyone good with those changes?
  • Ready to play?

After Your Game

  • Everyone have a good time?
  • Want to play another one?

Commander Playstyles

You want to have fun with your friends while playing. You prioritize doing fun plays and having an enjoyable game state, and you ultimately don’t mind too much if you win or lose.

A mixture of the two groups, you want to win the game to some extent, but having an enjoyable and relatively simple game state.

Your ultimate goal is to win the game and to do it as efficiently as you can within your budget. You enjoy clashing with other decks and pilots with this mentality, with tough decisions to make and sometimes tricky card interactions.