Grand Melee

Deck Size


Number of Players

As many as we can fit

Game Duration


Why Play This Format?

  • Grand Melee is an event where every player is participating in the same game of Magic.
  • Duke it out with as many as 300 Players in one massive game!

Play Rules/Modifiers

Starting the Game

Players are seated at random to begin the Grand Melee

Important Rules of Grand Melee

1) Attack Left – Players can attack only to their left.

2) Range of Influence of 1 – You can affect only the player on your immediate left and the player on your immediate right.

3) Turn Markers – During the Grand Melee multiple players will be taking turns at once and they are tracked with visible turn markers.

Attack Left

Players can attack only an opponent seated to their left. If their nearest opponent to the left is more than one seat away, the player can’t attack.

Range of Influence of 1

Players can only cast spells or activate abilities targeting opponents or objects controlled by opponents seated on their immediately left and immediate right. If a player leaves the game, the opponents that were on either side of that player are not in each other’s range of influence until the next turn begins.

Turn Markers There is one turn marker for every full four players in the game. Example, a 18 player Grand Melee has 4 turn markers. When a player is done with their turn they pass their turn marker to their left.

Golden Rule of Turn Markers If a player has a turn marker, the next turn marker should be at least 4 spots away from them. If not, that player should not start their turn until the next marker is 4 seats away.

Removing Turn Markers If a player leaving the game would reduce the number of turn markers in the game, the turn marker to their right is designated to be removed. The turn marker continues to be passed until it reaches the player (or closest player remaining) who was seated to the right of the eliminated player. After they have taken a turn the turn marker is removed. This is a change to current rules!

Corner Cases

Grand Melee is a wacky format and is bound to have some quirky rules interactions or situations that do not work at all. Our goal with this event is for as many players as possible to have a great time and that will guide our decisions when it comes to corner cases in this format. Similar to all other tournaments the Head Judges decision on rulings is final.

Infinite Combos and Mandatory Loops/Actions

A player with an infinite combo(s) that cannot be reasonably interacted with (at the discretion of the Head Judge) and/or creates a situation involving one or more mandatory loops/actions where the game would be a draw will result in a win for the player who created them. That player will receive 4,000 Prize Tixs, be congratulated for their amazing skill, and are removed from the Grand Melee while play continues.

Banned List Karn Liberated is banned. Along with any cards that restart the game or create a sub-game.

Players receive 400 Prize Tixs for participating and 400 Prize Tixs per player they eliminate.

For all the detailed rules follow the links below, note that we changed a few things above to facilitate smoother and more fun gameplay.

Grand Melee:

Range of Influence:


This Format can be played as Constructed, Commander, or Sealed