What are On Demand Events?

On Demand events, also known as ODEs, are small and quick tournaments. These events are perfect for players who don’t have time to commit to full event but still want to play for prizes.

At Pastimes Events we strive to launch at least one On Demand event every half hour. 

How Do On Demand Work?

Types of On Demand Events

Commander Pod

A single round Commander game for Prizes. These events begin each time 3 or 4 players register.


A three round, single-elimination booster draft for prizes. These events begin each time 6 to 8 players register.

PvP Zone

More details soon!

Registering and Playing in On Demand Events

At Pastimes we believe that players should not wait long to join an On Demand Event. We have designed a holding area for you to check in and out of when you want to play in an On Demand Event.


To register for an On Demand Event, head to the event’s schedule page, find an On Demand Event you want to play in, and purchase an entry. Your account will be granted a token for that On Demand Event which will be redeemed when you sit down to start playing in your event.

Checking In

When you are ready to play, head to the Black Gathering point and check in with the On Demand Events judge. You will be asked for some information to check in, handed a flag, and directed to to the holding area. While you are holding for your event, we encourage you to play games with the other players waiting and/or enjoy the activities we have out on the tables for you.

When will the Event Start?

Thirty minutes after the first player for a new pod/draft checks in that event should either launch if there are:

  • 3 or more players for 4 player events or Commander drafts.
  • 6 or more players for normal booster drafts.

If there are less than that number of players, a staff member will inform you and if anyone wants to check out or to continue holding.

We hope you enjoy a faster, more flexible On Demand Event experience!