TarmoKat is an Indy-based cosplayer that has been lovingly crafting cosplay since 2016. Her tenure includes Vraska on Tolarian Community College Office Hours, LoadingReadyRun March of Machines PPR, Strixhaven episode and Witherbloom promo for GameKnights, four-time SCGCon featured cosplayer, and Gencon 2017 cosplay contest 3rd place winner (Liliana & Jace).

Kat originally began playing Modern and Standard and has recently branched out into Commander. Her decks heavily gravitate towards Green-Black combos and her cosplay choices are influenced by her favorite cards. Her cosplay name was inspired by one of her long-time favorites, Tarmogoyf.

Outside of cosplay, Kat is an advanced-practice nurse in hematology and clinical research. She is a proud mama, avid Trekkie, gamer, fitness nut, cat lady, musician, and all-around eclectic nerd.

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