Founded in 2019 by Cedric Phillips and Christian Keeth, Coalesce Apparel & Design is a streetwear brand built off one simple question — why does Magic: The Gathering, a game that over 20 million people play, not have any cool apparel options? So instead of waiting for someone to design some, they decided to do […]

Avery Hall

I’m Avery, I make memes and crack MTG related jokes on Twitter! Come check me out there where I’ll make you laugh, show you fantastic music and you can see my schedule where I’m probably guest streaming with your favorite creators!

Dana Roach

Dana is one of three co-hosts of the EDHRECast youtube show and podcast and a writer for EDHREC. He’s been playing Magic so long he once traded away a Bayou for a Force of Nature, and thought he got the better end of the deal.

Tyler Walpole

Tyler has been a valued illustrator in the entertainment industry since the year 2000. His clients include Marvel Entertainment, Wizards of the Coast, Warner Bros Animation, Marvel/Lionsgate, DC Comics, Blizzard, Paizo’s Pathfinder, IDW, and Dynamite Entertainment, among many others.  Currently he is working as an artist for Magic the Gathering, and developing his own urban fantasy setting, […]

Inklin Customs

Hello, I’m Jessica from Inklin Customs. I’m an independent artist who loves making colorful and cute artwork. Make sure to check out my printed tokens or stop by for a hand drawn token.


TarmoKat is an Indy-based cosplayer that has been lovingly crafting cosplay since 2016. Her tenure includes Vraska on Tolarian Community College Office Hours, LoadingReadyRun March of Machines PPR, Strixhaven episode and Witherbloom promo for GameKnights, four-time SCGCon featured cosplayer, and Gencon 2017 cosplay contest 3rd place winner (Liliana & Jace). Kat originally began playing Modern and Standard […]

Seraph Six

Commander community admin and content creator

Good Games

Good Games is an international group of dedicated gaming environments with all the latest game products. We host all the latest tournaments and events and have the room to suit whatever game you want to play. Select your closest store from the Stores tab to find all their Event details. Our extended opening hours and […]